Pipeline Blasting

PIpe Blasting

Industry-leading systems and processes designed to protect operators, pipes and the environment while delivering unmatched performance at cost-effective prices.

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Our turbo-blast cleaning

is accomplished by using a gaseous medium to blast hard particles through a pipeline to remove oxides and deposits from interior surfaces of the piping.

When finished, the interior surface is often smoother than original new pipe. And although calculations, preparation and set-up can take time, the cleaning time is short, which means minimal down time for the pipelines themselves.

It’s a faster process than acid treatment, which often leaves unclean areas and requires neutralizing, disposal and drying. For example, a 25,000-foot pipeline that would take five days to chemically clean can be turbo blasted in four hours.


Oxygen service
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Natural gas
Internal epoxy coating


Low cost
Environmentally safe
Use of chemically inert materials
New pipe “C” factor or better
Non-corrosive cleaning media

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